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Shed pal is the innovation way to control shedding
Ordinary brushes can pull and scratch
Its quite motor gently pulls shedding hair into the hair collection canister for no mess
The massaging nubs gently gather the hair and leave the coat clean and shiny
The Pet Vac is safe to use and will not hurt your pet
It's gentle and quiet without making loud noises that might alarm or panic your pet
Start with a brushing motion to massage your pet and gently loosen hair
Then turn on vacuum to clean up loose hair
Also suitable for cleaning sofa, bedding, car seats and carpet.
Great for long hair or short hair
Material: ABS Plastic, Rubber
Power Source: 3 x AA Battery (not included)


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Don’t buy this product, it’s waste of money, Iam very disappointed, it doesn’t do what it claims in the advertisement Iam trying to get a refund, for this, But having difficulty trying to get through to the seller that I bought this rubbish from.

Dora Georgiou | 11th Jan ,2019

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