Pet Bathing Tool


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• Ergonomic one-size-fits-all design straps securely to either hand.
• Slim and flexible sprayer in palm allows you to control your dog with both hands while soaking the densest of fur
• It\\\'s a multi-function pet bathing tool that combines bathe and massage
• Perfect water pressure and a soft brush will give pets maximum relaxation
• Innovative design reduces spraying water and reduces stress for anxious pets
• Efficient rinsing and soaking reduces water use and speeds up the bathing process.
• Pet bath brush put on your hands can saves time and water, you can switch it on or off with a rotary knob
• This handheld sprayer comes with 2.5 mtr long hose and 3 hose adapters to fit back yard faucet and bathroom faucet


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Souvik dutta | 29th Mar ,2019

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