Led Reflective Flashing Pet/Dog Pendant Tag


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LED Bone Pendant are Durable, High in Quality, Adorable and fashionable, Cute bone shaped design with a key-chain It\'s also suitable for Parties/Carnivals/Concerts/Festivals/Dances/Bars/Birthday/Celebrations/Night Clubs/Fairs/Business Promotions/ Gifts. It’s made in soft plastic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, non- radioactive. Led reflective flashing pet/dog tag, with led blink light, improve visibility and safety to your pets. Easily spot your pet when out in woods or fields, make sure your pet is safe in the dark. Allow cars, bike riders and pedestrians to see your pet. It has easy switch on/off button. Two red flashing LEDs inside, Flash alternately. ABS switch box and two nos CR2016 button cells (included), battery available in any supermarket, can change easily to open the box with screw driver. Battery life 80 hrs if glow continuously.
Also available in Red & transparent colours.


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