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Very convenient, easy to use.
Not only do we have the best features a dog owner could ask for from their 'Dog Poop Bags'(tough, odorless bags),but we make everything simpler for you as well!
No longer picking up dog Poop by hand

1. Poop bag fix on the clip;
2. Clip on your dog's tail, the bags mouth toward and Close to dog's buttocks;
3. Wait until you dog poops, take off and throw the poop bag to the trash.

Product description
1. A soft silicone clip:Your dog's comfort is our first concern, The silicone clip is so soft that it won't hurt her/him and makes the maximum comfort for your dog. Clip Size: 7.8*3.5cm / 9.5*3.5cm

2. A disposable collection bag made of light plastic (20bags each box), it is light yet durable enough to prevent leakage. Bag Size: 7*17cm / 8*27cm


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Vandana Baweja | 12th May ,2018

Vandana Baweja | 12th May ,2018

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